Thursday, April 26, 2018

8th grade homework for Thursday, May 3rd

1. Finish composing melody for your jingle.  This portion should be around 15 seconds long.  The other 15 seconds of your jingle could be sung as well or could be spoken with background music.
2. Compose a final melody with lyrics that will serve as the ending of your jingle.  It should have your product name in the lyrics. (ie "Mentos, the freshmaker", "Subway-eat fresh")
3. Continue to add chords to your melody. If you have a iPhone or can borrow one, use the Smart Instruments (Smart Piano, Smart Guitar, etc.) to help with figuring out the best chords to use.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

8th Grade Homework for Thursday, April 26

1. Make sure everyone in your group has access to the shared google doc that includes your lyrics.

2. Compose a melody for 2 to 4 lines of your lyrics. Remember to divide and conquer-two of you should work on lyrics while the other two should compose the melody. 

Melody guidelines
1. Use the key of C major unless you have background outside music class.
2. Start your melody on C, E, or G
3. The last work of a sentence (or group of phrases) should end on C
4. Use mostly step and skips (C to D, or C to E). Use large leaps (C to G) sparingly.
5. In most cases use one note for each syllable.

6. Play your melody and change it until you have the best possible version.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

5th grade HW for Wednesday, March 28th

Complete your music composition.  Below is a list of everything it should include.

1. Each measure needs to be 4 quarter notes long.
2. Eighth notes need to be used side by side as a pair.
3. Use a variety of note values (whole, half, quarter, and eighths)
4. Create a melody that you like using notes (letter names) that are either right next to each other (like C and D) or ones that skip only one note (like G and E).
5. Use the online piano at to create your melody.  Do not just pick at random.  If you play piano or another instrument feel free to use it when creating your melody.
6. You must begin on the note C.
7. Measure 4 should end on G.
8. Measure 8 should end on C.
9. Measure 12 should end on G.
10. Measure 16 should end on C.

8th Grade HW for March 29th

With your product and target audience in mind brainstorm ideas about what components or features you want to sell.  For example, if you are trying to sell Kit Kat bars to elementary school kids you might want to sing/talk about the flavor, how they are great to share with friends, how fun they are to break apart, etc.

Thursday, March 15, 2018